Friday, May 13, 2005

Life - Still chasm, Shifting sands.

Life is very uneventful nowadays.


Done Genkai-1 today. Boy am I tired. 1 Exoray, 1 Bomb, innumerable Liches.

Liches look harmless from afar, but they are very dangerous. Once, one of them casted an Ancient Magic on me when aggroed. Freeze and Tornado are -very- painful. Though they arent very fatal, but they are lethal enough to kill me in 1 shot if the spell's not resisted.

Once, I was bound by one and the other started casting Freeze on me. So, what do -you- think was I? Chopped liver? Yes. Being bound and beaten to death would be better, honestly. I might have another chance to live with Perfect Dodge and Flee.

I had been in 3 G1 parties, which means I broke G1 record, seriosuly. Thats all for now. Zeni out.

Yep, back to blogging.

Life have been uneventful. But in Vana'diel, life's great.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Blogstuff - Wow, more and more links...

At first, I thought 2 groups of links would be cool. But then, my lack of memory space makes me sad. There, the growth of links. Not much to rant now, Zeni out.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

ZMC : Unlived Life - Dashing, shredding and gun-slinging madness with a touch of life.

Yes, I dashed, shredded and slung my guns around and Hermes ranged weapon makes me rockman. So, whats new?

My eldest brother will be leaving Sibu to Melbourne tomorrow. It will be 6 months until he comes back again... I doubt if he will return by November, since dad encourages him to stay and work in Australia. He might use his time after finishing his course to look for a job. Mum, on the other hand, getting plane-sickness after the (sleepless and fearful) 7 hours plane ride from KL to the city of Melbourne discourages that. Which side will win and which will prevail? I dont mind, as long as I get to see my bro again.

Yes, I know that it will be sad to see my brother off at the airport tomorrow... And worse, his laptop will ride with him. That means that the age of pay-to-surf will be back. Beloved dad promises to get a new machine soon. I have faith in him for that, but the word "soon" is clearly dangerous in my family. It isnt a curse or anything, its just us.

Guess thats all for now in my life.

DMC development team did a great job on the Style system. Everyone loves it. I bet Zengar, a singaporean friend of mine, can type pages of stuff regarding the system.

Guess I will stop here, I will touch more on the system on my next rant. Zeni off.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Life - Can art symbolize life?

While browsing an untold website, I came across :

If you look close enough, you will get a deja vu feeling.

Thats right, thats you in there, or rather, me and only me.

Its like we, who try our best to live. Instead of salvation, we get an unrightful bash at the back of our heads. Try to think of a priest, who did good through preaching and blessing but were sentenced to be jailed after getting sued for molesting young kids. Oh wait, thats not a good example is it? Never the less, you get the point. Minus the molest and stuff.

Those who were hit by the tsunami were the most unfortunate of our kind. Almost half of them tried to live a simple life but were drowned or drove into the deep blue for that. The number of deaths reached 10k when I last heard of it.

So, what are we getting for our deeds? I dont mind getting retribution for all the bad things I do, but, why is it the other way around?

I dont think this is the divine path planned by our almighty up there. Maybe not yet.